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Memphians look around and often see the same old, tired career politicians from yester-year running to rule this city once again.  Memphis’ elites have held on to control for far too long and it’s time to let the real people of Memphis restore our city to greatness.

That’s why I need your help today, right now, to help fuel our campaign and bring a fresh perspective to our City Council with fresh faces.  Robin is Right for Memphis because I’m just like you – real, honest, hard-working, and ready for change!

robin donate now stampWill you contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $1,000, or even the maximum $1,500?

No amount is too small. The biggest thing we need is you to be on board, today.

Here’s the thing:  I announced my City Council campaign just a few short weeks ago. That means the media, pundits, and the elites will immediately jump all over how well I did out of the gate. They’ll want to know how many people got on board.

Your contribution today might very well be the most important of the entire campaign because it will set the tone.

You see, the experts say a dollar contributed early on is worth $2 or $3 later. That’s been one of the tricks of the power brokers.  Unfortunately, we have to play like them, to win like them but we don’t have to govern like them!

So we need early support.  It’s crucial.

Everywhere I go I bring the message to the young, to those who are struggling, to those who the current City Council has failed… and they respond!

So today I announce my candidacy for Memphis City Council, Super District 9, Position 1.

I humbly ask you to help me return this city to greatness by electing fresh faces, offering a fresh perspective! 

Today—right now—is when I need your help the most.

robin orange donate roundThank you.

Robin Spielberger – Right for Memphis

If you’re interested in making a donation but hesitant about doing so online, you can make a check payable to: Right for Memphis and mail it to the address below. Thank you for your donation!

Mail to:
2746 Green Mill Dr.
Memphis, TN 38119