Robin brought creativity, drive and new ideas to her position as assistant director of College Media Advisers. She has terrific energy and a can-do spirit. She’s detail-oriented but also thinks out of the box — a great combination of skills for these challenging economic times.


I had the opportunity to work with Robin Spielberger while she was serving as assistant Executive Director of College Media Advisers and I was serving on the board. Robin is very bright, energetic and positive about the projects she does. She has a good work ethic and strong sense of how things should be done. … Continue reading – ANNETTE FORBES –


Robin was a great asset during the Fall 2012 Field Representative program at the Leadership Institute. She met and exceeded all expectations. During the program she was required to start 10 fiscally conservative student groups, and identify 1000 new contacts for our organization. By the end of the program she had started 26 groups, and identified … Continue reading – SHANE MCGONIGAL –


Behind you Robin.


I had the pleasure of working with Robin directly at two different National College Media Conventions sponsored or co-sponsored by College Media Advisers. Robin was a highly organized, detail-oriented individual who managed the day-to-day organizational operations of the convention on-site, as well as managed numerous marketing materials and methods in the days and weeks leading … Continue reading – STEVEN CHAPPELL –


Robin worked with me on the College Media Advisers Hall of Fame programs to organize the event, produce multimedia and a program for the event. She is creative, efficient, enthusiastic, organized and a pleasure to work with.


As Executive Producer of Pedal America, and former board Secretary for College Media Advisers, I know Robin as highly enthused, steadfast, and hard-working – stronghold qualities for success. She demonstrates consistency in her ability to work both independently and as a team player with solid interpersonal communication skills. Having observed her in a variety of … Continue reading – IRA DAVID LEVY –


Robin effectively worked with my team and me to get the International MBA April dinner running smoothly and efficiently. She was able to take all the information we had given her regarding our event and the budget constraints we had and yet make it an excellent, classy event. She remained courteous and coordinated throughout the … Continue reading – AMELIA AKPOTU –


The world needs people like you in office. Do not let power corrupt you. How proud your mom and dad must be. Go get em. 🇺🇸


Robin planned an event for my company at Equestria Restaurant. She gave us just what we wanted, kept the costs in check, and was overall a joy and very easy to work with. I highly recommend her services.


Robin has proven time and again to me that she has a true desire to help youth groups. I for one am very thankful for the help that she has provided both myself and my campus over the years. Robin always goes above and beyond the call of duty with pleasure and great efficiency in … Continue reading – JACOB WINTERS –


Robin Spielberger… YOU GO GIRL!!! Now you’re talking!!! FOLKS, I predict Robin is going to be more of a threat to the incumbent than he contemplates!!! Oops!!!


Robin helped effectively coordinate my company’s sponsorship of the College Media Advisers organization. Through her guidance and resource management, our expectations for the event were quickly met. She took the time to get to know each team member in attendance at the CMA events, as well as learning the needs of our company to guide … Continue reading – KRISTINE GRIFFITH ROBINSON –

Memphis Police Association
Tennessee Equality Project

Robin is an exceptional grassroots organizer. Robin has helped develop critical thinking in young minds all across our Tri-State area. Robin is exceptional at delegation, and is very motivational, and possesses the ability to empathize and respond appropriately. Robin is a team player as well as team builder, and has strengthened the Non-Aggression Movement across … Continue reading – PAUL TEAGUE –


The work Robin did for College Media Advisers as our assistant executive director was excellent. It was a new and then temporary position, and she completed her duties beyond all expectations, providing quality of service and planning better than any other candidate might have done. She is creative in her approach to completing tasks and … Continue reading – KEN ROSENAUER –


Robin is a detail oriented, knowledgable and reliable director. I have had nothing but terrific events through her and her organization. The best part is I give her the minimum information and she turns it into a spectacular event for my business group. I highly recommend Robin.


Robin is an invaluable teammate, gifted with expansive professional and creative talents which make her a driving force in tackling unconventional, time-sensitive challenges. Robin does not hesitate to step out of her comfort zone or assume leadership whenever necessary.


Robin did a great job in coordinating our participation in the CMA convention, back when Quark was working to connect with students in that market. Robin really worked with the vendors and took some great feedback on how to make things better. Extracting value from corporate participation in a student event like CMA can be … Continue reading – CHRIS EDWARDS –


Robin is superior in my book!!


Robin Spielberger is for real. I support her candidacy and encourage anyone who cares about Memphis to donate to her campaign.


Robin was a friendly, fun and positive person to have on the LI team. I think she was able to connect with a lot of people that others couldn’t.  I think she could be a positive addition to almost any team!


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