What Differentiates You From Other Candidates?

I believe there are vast differences, especially when compared to the other candidates in the race for which I am running – Super District 9, Position 1.

I believe the people of Memphis have had enough of the career politicians who have run this city for years, and who too often appear to be more interested in lining their own pockets and those of their friends, than in looking out for the citizen’s needs. I am running against an incumbent who has benefitted greatly from city projects and the Chamber of Commerce‘s influence over city expenditures.

I will owe no favors and will not be influenced by greed. I have heart, passion, and the willingness to endure hard work. I also seem to better understand the needs of the citizens, the responsibilities of a city administration, and the value of investing in people before buildings.

I have a background of over 12 years in communications, non-profit, and for-profit management, and currently run my own consulting business, in addition to being a professor of Communications at Concorde Career College.

Even though my background has been diverse, one thing has remained constant – my ability to be resourceful, versatile, and goal-oriented with proven leadership ability, as well as a unique combination of creativity and analytical skills which has allowed me to create cost-effective, profitable, and innovative solutions.

Last but certainly not least, I offer a positive attitude, creative problem solving ability, and an uncompromising integrity. These characteristics and skills combine to make me a stand-out candidate for City Council.

More About Robin

Robin & Lynn Meet & Greet EditedRobin is a successful, diversified, self-motivated professional with 12+ years experience in Communications and Nonprofit and For-Profit Management, as well as grassroots activism, recruitment, outreach, training, and development.

Currently, Robin Spielberger is a Political Public Relations and Digital Media Consultant for numerous clients through her own small business. She is also a professor of Communications at Concorde Career College, in addition to being a digital activist, unapologetic travel junkie, social media maven, coffee addict, grassroots organizer, advocate of the Oxford comma, and a proud Memphian.

Formerly the Director of Digital Development, Outreach, and PR for the Tennessee Firearms Association, a Field Rep for the Leadership Institute, and a Senior Campaign Advisor for Stooksberry for Congress, Robin has created over 25 student groups across the states of Tennessee and Mississippi, trained hundreds of activists, directed over 400 volunteers in door-to-door campaigning, voter ID, registration, phone banking, and fund-raising, raised over 60,000 dollars for a first time candidate, produced a 1st Annual Statewide Event, and was named the Overall Top Field Representative in LI history.

She also volunteered her time and skills to the 2012 Presidential Campaign in New Hampshire and led an Official Presidential Campaign in Shelby County, Tennessee.

When she isn’t rolling through the Tennessee backroads, advocating for liberty and training activists, you can find her at home in Memphis, TN, playing with her dog, Morgan, reading the latest mystery novel, learning to play the guitar, fighting for justice in local government, or catching up on the latest TV phenomenon.

Robin graduated from the University of Memphis with Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Journalism, emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations and Political Public Relations, respectively.

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