Memphis, TN
2012 – Present

  • Political Consultant in public relations, grassroots activism, youth leadership and organization, group training, campaign management, social media, and fundraising

Concorde Career College
Memphis, TN
2015 – Present

  • Adjunct Professor of Communications

Tennessee Firearms Association
Nashville, TN (based in Memphis, TN)
May 2014 – December 2014

  • Director of Digital Development, Outreach, and Public Relations
    • Planned and launched innovative and effective communications campaigns, programs, and general business solutions resulting in increased exposure, online traffic, and membership
    • Led the 1st Statewide Event, Boots, Badges & Blues, which resulted in a 42% and 15% awareness and membership increase, respectively
    • Produced and managed print, online, and social media communications and collateral in order to promote brand, image, and values
    • Generated new members and attendees by leveraging social media
    • Enlisted the support of volunteers and collaborated with businesses and community groups
    • Developed and assumed ownership of all chapter training initiatives including the creation of chapter manuals and new instruction methods
    • Trained 20+ groups in various areas of media development & outreach with on- and off-line lectures, discussions, and presentations

The Leadership Institute
Arlington, VA (based in Memphis, TN)
August 2012 – December 2012

  • Tennessee and Mississippi Field Representative
    • Traveled to college campuses  to organize, train, and inspire student leaders
    • Created  over 25 new student groups and publications
    • Responsible for training and assisting 150+ student groups and  200 student leaders in numerous areas
    • Responsible for increased awareness, grassroots activism, and media attention, resulting in being named the Overall Top Field Representative  in history

  • Equestria Restaurant and Lounge
    Germantown, TN
    July 2010 – November 2011
  • GM & Director of Special Events, Public Relations, & Marketing
    • Credited for generating a first time profit and significant increase in revenue in 10 years
    • Increased customer base and retention by 30% and increased profits by 40% in one year, through niche branding, staff development and training, social media, vendor negotiations, special offers, event pricing, and elevating the business profile and media attention
    • Closed profitable projects with a 99% success rate
    • Captured 55%+ market share with new branding niche quickly brought to market
    • Increased sales/production by 40%
    • Developed first incentive performance plan, which motivated staff and resulted in a 23% increase in sales
    • Drove food costs down to 30% and liquor costs to 26%

Quetzal Restaurant
Memphis, TN
June 2008 – March 2010

  • GM & Director of Special Events and Marketing
    •  Increased profits by 60% in one year through new business strategies, marketing plans, and special events execution
    • Created and executed marketing/PR campaigns, events, and programs, producing five times the target number of qualified leads
    • Worked with cross functional resources to implement direct   marketing programs and marketing strategies, reaching a 50% increase in customer base and sales/production
    • Negotiated pricing with vendors regarding wholesale billing and marketing procedures, decreasing monthly costs by 15%
    • Successfully led key projects, such as the New Year’s Gala, which resulted in the most profitable evening in Quetzal’s history, as well as, provided a budget, plan, and audience for future events
    • Established community recognition

College Media Association
formerly in Memphis, TN
May 2008 – August 2009

  • Assistant Executive Director
    • Planned and executed national fundraising improvements, updating the approach to marketing, research, solicitation, presentation, and vendor development
    • Created and produced all marketing materials
    • Implemented direct marketing programs, resulting in a  significant increase in membership – over 80 New Members in 5 months
    • Increased revenue by approx. $35,000 and the number of vendors by 50% through building strong relationships and providing high value-adding services
    • Developed and managed the budget for several conventions, workshops, trade shows, and board meetings
    • Planned numerous events for 30 to 2400 attendees

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